DJ Tim Spins Website

Welcome to my DJ Tim Spins website. The website contains my dj biography dj-tim-spins, mixes, a collection of all my mixes photos from events and links to all my social media including Facebook and Mixcloud – mixcloud. I will also be posting blog articles regularly about my take on djing and music business in general. As I find the next dance floor hit, I will be posting a list of my favourite tracks – music . There are also loads of great videos which I will post links too.

DJ Mixes, photos and videos

There are already 97 mixes on the websites which represents timeless music from a period of over 18 years. I always been a firm believer that a dj should practice his performance as if he is live in a club and record each mix to seek to perfect his skills. As I have bought new music my first urge has always been to do a mix and listen to the tracks in the mix. The website allows you to stream the DJ Tim Spins mixes and there will also be a DJ Tim Spins mix download section. I am lucky to own a massive record collection that I have collected over the years and I plan to get down to regular mixes and post them on the site. So keeping check back for new mixes.

DJ Tim Spins

If you want to learn a little bit more about DJ Tim Spins career I have written a full biography. I have been a dj in London and internationally for over 18 years. In that time I have played at every popular nightclub in London. I also Dj’ed in Italy with a Italian DJ agency in the 90’s. Looking back at my career I have been truely blessed with great gigs at great clubs and the freedom to play my own.


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